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Tuesday, Jul 26, 2005

July 26, 2005


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Finally, someone’s taken all the best moments from our most bizarre burlesque fantasies and made them into… a game show! This or That TV features hot honeys dancing and prancing and peeling it off in crazy ways while contestants suffer through what could only be the best kind of playfully erotic torture … for outcomes about which we do not know or care, as long as we can keep ogling all those nearly-nekkid gals parading across cable access channels in New York and San Francisco. (Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you live elsewhere, though—the show’s video blog lets you tune in to all the fun no matter where you are.)V. Blue

· This or That! (thisorthat.tv)
· “This or That!” Video from America’s Favorite Burlesque Game Show (video blog @ thisorthat-video.blogspot.com)

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Who would you like to see?

I have over 60 This or That shows on video tape and over 300 hours of footage. The question is, what should I post on line?
There are burlesque acts, side show acts, contestants doing whacked challenges, and of course Fredini & Julie Atlas Muz running the whole thing.

The previous post just lists some of the acts we've had. If anyone has a request, let me know...
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Upcoming acts on the "This or That!" video feed

Your hosts, "The Great Fredini & Julie Atlas Muz"

In up coming weeks here are some of the performers who might be seen on the "This or That!" video feed:

Dirty Martini
Bunny Luv
Bambi the Mermaid
AJ Silver
The Lady Ace
World Famous *Bob*
Chris McDaniels
Jo Boobs
Miss Saturn
Harvest Moon
E Katerina
Pontani Sisters
Dr. Donut

...only to name a few.

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"This or That!" video now a syndicated video feed!

America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show

"This or That!" is an interactive theater show and independant television project. It is performed before a live theater audience, which is invited to participate in the show. Our contestants are always freshly picked from the theater audience. Contestants choose between curtains, revealing either a fabulous burlesque act, or an act that's less than fabulous. Every performance is also shot as a television game show/reality show. Each show includes amazing burlesque acts, fabulous prizes, and a good time for all. "Now that's Entertainment!"

"This or That!" is now a video blog with a syndicated 'RSS' feed.  New video is being posted 3-4 times a week  The show highlights are all new never before seen video clips from "This or That!"'s recent off-broadway run at the Belt theater in NYC.

To see "This or That!" video:

Live journal users:  add  thisorthatvid  (a syndicated feed) to your friends list.  Video posts are automatically forwarded to your friends list.

On the web goto:  http://thisorthat-video.blogspot.com  (browse current video clips)

With a video feed viewer:  subscribe to:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThisOrThat-Video  (video clips will be automatically collected for you)

Best way to see "This or That!":  Download FireANT  http://getfireant.com/ , a video feed reader/aggregator.   Install the program (Mac or Windows), open the directory window, drag and drop the "This or That!" description (one of the first 5 listed at the moment) into the 'Channels' window and FireANT will start collecting video clips for you.  FireANT is like a TiVo for internet video, you tell it what kind of video you want, and it gets it, shows it to you, and manages it.  They also have a quicktime movie to show you what it can do:  http://antisnottv.net/files/fireant_screencast.mov